Tattler Post Quarterly

3rd Quarter 2020


Hello Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons, and all our friends and supporters,


First of all, I hope you all have been healthy over the last few months. Our lives have all changed in innumerable ways, but I want you all to know that we’re working hard at the Tattler Post to ensure our little section of the veteran community is getting the support it needs, in addition to ensuring we’re meeting all our obligations as Legionnaires and running our Post properly and safely.

As we've worked to adapt the Post operations over the last few months, there have been a number of clear priorities that we're currently working to balance. Those priorities are:

- To Secure and Sustain the Health and Well-being of all individuals involved with the Tattler Post. To achieve this, we've adopted the health and safety standards issued by the State of Illinois and City of Chicago, and have worked to ensure we are following mask, social distancing, and hand washing guidelines for volunteers and guests, and also ensuring that the bar and common spaces are sanitized frequently. As we try to enforce these rules and ensure the safety of our comrades, we ask every member help us to enforce these guidelines and help protect our members.

- To Maintain Continuity of Post Operations, Programs, and Obligations to The American Legion and Veteran Community. This means that we are trying to continue programs that we provide as a Post, especially those that provide support to our members. We strive to continue to hold meetings, allow members to participate and vote on Post affairs, to hold civic remembrances, memorials and ceremonies, and to allow safe access to the space for meetings and planning for our Aux, Sons, and Legionnaires.

- To Ensure the Short- and Long-term Financial Health of the Post. Like all not-for-profits, especially as one that owns a bar and event hall, we have financial obligations that we must meet every year, in addition to general maintenance and repair. We should be grateful to our volunteers operating the Post Bar, as this allows us to earn the Lion’s share of the income needed to operate the Post, but we also rely on membership dues and donations from members of the Post and beyond to shore up our finances. As we move forward, we will also be looking at governmental programs and loans, public and private grants, and fundraising opportunities that can ensure we maintain financially solvent and stable. While the Post is in no immediate financial danger, we want to make the smartest decisions as we safeguard the Post’s funds and assets.

- Recognizing Mental Health is Equally Important to Physical Health, and continuing to provide opportunities for comradeship and congregation, and promoting a culture of resilience and care for our comrades. We will continue to work to be a positive community support system for those that rely on us for this. We’ll continue to plan events and create opportunities for fellowship and camaraderie among our members, and will rededicate ourselves toward being open and supportive as we work to create a community of veterans that have each other’s backs. As we all experience duress, I hope you all will make the effort alongside myself and the other Post Officers and members as we try to maintain a sense of healthy optimism as we face these challenges together.

With these priorities in mind, I'll continue to work with our Legion Officer Corps, Auxiliary, SAL, and all of our members, to ensure the post operates in a manner that is both safe and continues to accomplish our mission. If you have ideas or are interested in volunteering as we build the new path forward, please feel free to reach out to me at Brent.Webb@Tattlerpost.org to start the discussion. Until then, take care everyone!

Fly, Fight, and Win,

Brent M. Webb
Post Commander

4355 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, USA

(773) 588-5809

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